Getting Started

This is the first post of the blog. This post can be found in the open source repository, but all the other blog posts will be excluded to protect against duplicate content.

To create a new blog post, simply add a new file to the /storage/markdown/blog directory. The file name should follow a simple format: YYYY-MM-DD_blog-post-titlel.md. The format starts with the date first (YYYY-MM-DD), then an underscore, followed by the title in lowercase with spaces replaced by dashes, and then finally ending with the markdown extension (.md). For example, the file for this blog post is located at /storage/markdown/blog/2022-12-13_getting-started.md.

You can have a draft blog post by starting the filename with an underscore. For example, there is a draft blog post located at /storage/markdown/blog/_2022-12-13_draft-example.md.

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